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Policies and Procedures

The quality and reliability of the Company's drilling operations are the concern of every person within our organisation.

The policy and procedures of Titeline Drilling Pty. Ltd. are documented within the Company's Operations Manual.

They are documented to satisfy the operations of the Company, and therefore must satisfy the contractual requirements of the client with regard to supplying drilling operations of an agreed standard and specification.

It is our Company policy that all staff, including casual and part time staff, as well as sub-contractors becomes familiar with the requirements of the Company's Operations Manual and then ensures that the requirements and intent are satisfied.

Implementation of this program ensures:-

  • Continuous improvement in the quality of our services.
  • Ongoing and Increased client satisfaction
  • Reduction of drilling operational problems
  • Increased pride in the Company
  • Team spirit based on best performance


Environmental Policy

Titeline Drilling is committed to conducting all of its operations in an environmentally responsible manner.

The Company will plan and manage its activities to minimise disturbance to the environments in which it operates.

To fulfil our objectives, the Company will observe all environmental laws and regulations and use all available resources to:

· Discuss and resolve with the client any possible areas of environmental conflict.

· Integrate environmental considerations into our work planning and operations.

· Assess the potential impact of our operations on the environment in which we work.

· At all time work towards improving our environmental performance.

· Rehabilitate the environment affected by our operations, where required by contract or legislation.

· Actively promote environmental awareness amongst Company management and personnel.

· Where necessary engage the services of expert external personnel to advise on environmental matters.

The aim of this Environmental Policy is to provide realistic and achievable guidelines for all personnel involved in the company's activities.


Indigenous and Native Title Policy

Titeline Drilling Pty. Ltd. recognise and accept the rights of indigenous people and will at all time comply with, and be considerate of Legislation, Regulations and accepted customs.

The company will, when working in areas that may contain artefacts or sacred sites, comply in all regards to the laws that govern to protect those items or sites.

Employees will not remove or interfere with artefacts or sites nor will they impede or hinder persons rightfully engaged in any authorised activities on any such site.

Employees will not purchase and/or traffic in, artefacts or items that are protected by the law of any country that prohibits the dealing in, or the export of such items of heritage significance.

Titeline Drilling Pty. Ltd. will report any activities where it is believed there is a contravention of the laws governing indigenous artefacts and sites.

Titeline Drilling Pty. Ltd. is proactive in the support of the employment of indigenous people and will provide proper training and assistance, in line with its Equal Opportunity Policy.

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